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Capital Campaign Reaches $152M

As the one-year anniversary of the announcement of the SOAR campaign approaches, investment in its priorities reaches $152 million.
Photo of Saint Joseph's University SOAR campaign
Written by: A.J. Litchfield Total reading time: 3 minutes

When Board Chair James M. Norris ’85 spoke at the May launch event for SOAR, the historic $300-million comprehensive campaign for Saint Joseph’s, he said that it was time to “seize the moment.”

Thus far, the SJU community has risen to the occasion. Over $152 million in funding has been raised for the three priorities of the SOAR campaign: investing in an elite campus experience, affirming Saint Joseph’s commitment to financial aid and furthering academic excellence.

The University is incredibly fortunate to have a community of philanthropically inclined individuals who understand the importance of these priorities. Three such donors are former Trustee Mary Lou Quinlan ’75; board member Susan LaMonica P ’20; and Professor Emeritus Randall Miller, PhD, each of whom has made a major gift in support of SOAR campaign priorities. 

Saint Joseph’s is committed to investing in an elite campus experience, acknowledging that students attend a residential university for the learning and discovery that takes place both inside and outside the classroom. To maximize this brand of learning, state-of-the-art facilities are required. LaMonica, a member of the Saint Joseph’s Board of Trustees, knows this better than most; her daughter played lacrosse at SJU for four years. 

LaMonica’s gift will support updated women's locker room within the new Hawks Athletic Complex. Locker rooms provide vital gathering spaces that build community and culture among teams; this is essential to continuing the success that has become synonymous with Hawk Athletics both in the classroom and on the field. 

In addition to providing students with a top-notch on-campus experience, the SOAR campaign aims to enhance Saint Joseph’s ability to prepare students for a rapidly changing world. To that end, Saint Joseph’s regularly evaluates existing academic programs and seeks new course and programmatic offerings. Miller has been a tremendous partner in this effort. The newly created Randall M. Miller, PhD, Fund for Faculty Grants will allow faculty to take on individual research projects that will translate to unique classroom experiences for students.

With so much to offer, Saint Joseph’s never wants a deserving student to be deterred from enrolling due to financial hardship. Quinlan knows that the solution is the power of scholarships, which change lives for the better and directly affect the caliber of the student body and quality of the overall academic experience for all. Quinlan, a longtime donor, former Board of Trustee member and current member of the 1851 Society, has made a planned gift, along with her husband Joe, to Saint Joseph’s in support of scholarships. This generous commitment will provide future Hawks with the opportunity to receive an education that will support, inspire and push them to find their own unique path to success.

LaMonica, Miller and Quinlan are leading from the front when it comes to campaign funding, but the success of the SOAR campaign relies on investment at every level of giving. The University needs its far-reaching community to embody the Hawk Will Never Die mindset to soar higher. An unwavering commitment to strive for more will allow Saint Joseph's to emerge from this campaign even stronger, because the world needs more of what Saint Joseph’s University has to offer.

You can support the SOAR campaign and its priorities by making a gift today.